It has almost been 10 years since we do OEM on the lighting balloons, we have skills, to develop an international network to promote the concept, to listen to our customers and to keep on developing products to offer a complete range of lighting, decoration and signalization solutions

  • Indoor And Outdoor
  • All Lighting Sources
  • Fully Quiet
  • Flicker-Free
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Helium Or Air-inflated
  • Many Combination Of Power available
  • Many Shapes
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Lightweight

Tripod Stand Balloon

  • Air Inflatable Lighting Balloons For Event, Branding And Advertising
  • The tripod stand light balloon is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be set on a stand, floor plate or rigged. And like all balloons, is projection friendly
  • Available light system are in Halogen, LED, Energy saving light bulb, ranging from 6 watts to 1300 watts, with full dimming capabilities,
  • manufactured from 0.9m to 1.8m diameters. Colored or themed covers can be added as well as custom graphics

Helium Light Spere

  • Lunix balloon is a helium-filled item fitted with an internal lighting system are available in different variations: Lunix 2.5m balloon; Lunix 3m balloon, Lunix 3.5m balloon or other. All units offer:
  • Ability to light 360 degrees
  • Ability to be customized with graphics and patterns
  • Be used indoors and outside
  • Are perfect for a variety of uses at concerts, parties, promotional and corporate hospitality events, sporting occasions, festivals, exhibitions and more

Walking Backpack Balloon

  • Air Inflatable Lighting Balloons for Outdoor Promotion & Advertising
  • Walking Backpacks balloon are simple to setup and easy to wear. 
  • They are designed to allow freedom of movement and maximum exposure for your marketing message. 
  • Illumination is provided by LED Light safety.
  •  The balloon is air filled, requires no helium and comes in a shape of a sphere or spheroid. 
  • This product can also have digital print on it

Aerial Acrobatic Balloon

  • A low-altitude helium manned balloon
  • The beautiful and theatrical act can be the centrepiec
  • Dream-like vision of beauty
  • Bring an ethereal atmosphere
  • Safety