Inflatable Decoys

Weapon and Personnel Protection

Inflatable Decoys increases the probability of survival of military equipment and personnel by using false objects and creating false situations. We help you to achieve balance of power with the use of non-lethal military equipment

We produce high quality modern military decoys, models of arms and military equipment. And we products are cost effective and unrecognizable from the original due to their unique features and capabilities.

We designs and manufactures a range of Targets & Decoys for military use. They have been used at training centre and provide highly reliable and realistic training scenariosEach Target is manufactured by a highly experienced team, we try to ensures a long operational life and resemblance with original.

All ranges can be accompanied by a a complete spares and refurb kit. We offer a wide range of artillery pieces and accessories to order. Based on the customers specific requirement for realism and artwork, it is possible to build decoys based on any vehicle.

Product Feature