Single Motor Helicopter

Plant Protection UAV

F10A raised the maximum load of the plant protection UAV to 60 kg, and the plant protection efficiency reached a new height; Revolutionary electric single rotor aircraft, single wind field with better spraying effect for fruit tree planting protection; Scientific spraying with digital agricultural solutions

Spraying System

Large fog volume, accurate fog volume and uniform droplet distributionFog volume: 6L for 1 minute, Large flow four pumps can produce 12L in one minute

480 mu of field, 90 mu of fruit trees per hour, maximum spraying range of 16M

Break the thick canopy of the fruit tree, adjust the angle of the machine arm, spray at an oblique angle through the thick canopy, ensure the uniformity of the chemical solution up and down, increase the number of fog drops, intelligent agriculture cloud platform, cloud map building, manage 3D digital orchard on mobile phone, and easily get into digital agriculture

Folding design can make transportation more efficient and one key locking function more safe

The light and durable fuselage is made of carbon fiber composite material, which can be quickly folded to 50% of the original size for easy transportation. The battery and spray box are easy to replace, significantly improving the efficiency of power supply and liquid supply

Fully autonomous operation, providing better routes, independently planning the best routes for each operation, and equipped with RTK centimeter positioning system without heavy spraying and missing spraying


Mobile phone control full self-service flight, Mobile phone ground station control, one button take-off and landing, press set flight,Altitude, speed, spraying pair and route independent operation, continuous spraying at breakpoints

 Battery Charger

2600w high-power charger fast charging to meet the needs of high-frequency plant protection

Single and stable wind field. The maximum take-off weight is 265 kg, the wind field is large, and the penetration force is strong

Tail Motor System

The tail motor is directly connected, and the structure is simple; Fixed pitch tail rotor (leading in China, a revolutionary reform in the field of plant protection single rotor) maintenance free