How To Inflate Balloon With Helium Gas By Yourself Tips For 2024 ?

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Most of clients are not familiar with helium balloon and high pressure helium gas, especially labor costs rising much more than before but we have need to fly  balloons for our jobs. Is there any good way to solve it ? Yes, the best way is to inflate balloon by ourself

But how ?   We make following document to tell you how to do.

Knowledge of Helium Gas

First of all you need to learn some knowledge of helium gas. Why you must to know it,  actually it is not simple question. If you choose right one you will save a lot of money.

1.) Purity of helium gas

There are 99.9999%, 99.999%,99.99% and 99.9% also reused popular in market, higher purity higher price. How to choose right one? You still need to know air pressure

2.) Air pressure,

It has 10Mpa,15Mpa, 25Mpa and 35Mpa for same purity, Higher pressure make more volume of helium gas.

3.) Helium Cylinder

It has 10 liter and 40 liter popular in market, for industry gas 99.99% – 40 liter 13.5mpa it makes 5 to 6 cubic meter helium gas

Knowledge of Helium Balloon

Do you know balloon with helium gas to fly ?  Yes , you should see them before 

Because they are very popular. However, you maybe know less infos on it.

Because do you know balloon’s material ?  There are PVC, PU, Ripstop Nylon and Nylon two layers to manufacture, of course there are other special ones We list popular in market 

Material of Balloon

  • PVC 0.14mm 180g/m2
  • PVC 0.18mm 232g/m2
  • PVC 0.25mm 232g/m2
  • PU 0.11mm 130g/m2
  • PU 0.15mm 185g/m2
  • Grip Ripstop Nylon 0.15mm 150g/m2
  • Grip Ripstop Nylon 0.19mm 190g/m2
  • Nylon two layers option 1 – 90g/m2 
  • Nylon two layers option 2 – 250g/m

In same size, different material makes balloon in different weight. 

How to choose helium gas depends on following major factors

So how to choose helium gas depends on following major factors

1.) How big balloon you want to make ?

2.) Which material you choose ?

3.) How much high you want to fly ?

4.) Where you use?

5.) When you use?

These are two strange questions, where and when use balloon.  Is there  any difference for them ? Yes, different altitude the helium lift weight is different.

And in summer cause the helium expand, so can fill less than in winter.

Balloon Inflate Vavle

Attached Point

More infos about helium balloon

The balloon has two major accessories, one is inflate & deflate valve another is anchor point where you can tie ropes to tethered to ground

After you find our right helium cylinder and balloon.Now let us to talk about steps to inflate balloon with helium gas 

Now you have 

  1. Helium Balloon
  2. Helium Cylinder & Tank

But how to inflate helium gas, is there any thing miss ? Yes, you need a connector Which connect balloon with helium cylinder – inflator 

3. Inflator – important

There are two inflator, one is high pressure and another is reduce air pressure. As standard of helium cylinder out-let it has CGA580 (US) or G5/8 thread (General)

A  Inflator in high pressure – which you have experience on inflate helium gas before, cause when loose air from high pressure helium cylinder the gas will expand very fast. You need to control valve spreed to keep eyes on balloon situation.

Most of balloon were broken is not in right operation 

B. Inflator in reduce inflator, it is safe than previous one,  with good air pressure reduce system and fast connect with valve

Balloon Inflate Vavle




Quick Connector

3m Hose

Air Pressure Regulator

Inflate Helium Gas To Balloon Now

Okey, we need to inflate balloon now, anything else, Yes, how to protect our Balloon no damage when operate? 

You need to prepare a clean cushion, flat to ground why ? Because all these Material fears sharp things, it will be easy to make helium leakage 

What about how to tethered balloon to ground ?

It is a good question, you know after inflate helium gas to balloon, the balloon will fly in sky, so you need to some ropes to tethered to ground make Inflate easier.

Now, after prepare all these things you can release the helium cylinder to 

Fly the balloon. Wait, during process of operation need keep eyes on balloon’s shape