How To Protect Your Car ? Frame Inflatable Car Cover is Another Way to Option

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With many Units sold  around the world,  Inflatable Car Cover is the the most widely used method for clean, dry storage of vehicles and personal effects. Depended on by private classic car and motorbike collectors, concours d’elegance enthusiasts, race teams and professional storage companies Car Cover quickly provides a permanently clean, dust and condensation free area in any garage, shed, barn or warehouse, while allowing instant access to its contents.

The unique 3-D inner frame is stable but effective and max the space available for storage within the chamber. Once you have erected your Inflatable Car Cover (a simple procedure needing no tools which can be seen instant, economical and accessible dry storage is always at hand.

The unique, rigid frame is designed to max internal space and for rapid assembly.  It’s super durable construction means your Car Cover can be repositioned  when erected.

Door panels on both sides allow easy access to either car door without deflating the Car Cover, and the full height is maintained throughout the envelope.

Our high quality lightweight cover material is UV protective, anti-static, flame resistant and tested to temperatures as low as -25C. The constant airflow prevents rapid changes in air temperature which cause condensation as a result eliminating the possibility of corrosion, damp and mould forming in your car/bike or possessions.

The base sheet is a highly durable nylon-plastic weave which is fuel, oil and brake fluid repellent. This tough, easily cleaned material has been developed to allow users to carry out minor maintenance within the Car Cover.

Hi-tech static trap filtration system and positive pressure prevents dust and abrasive particulate matter from entering the Car Cover ensuring your vehicle/items remain in pristine condition.

Car Cover converts any shed, garage or barn into the perfect environment for dry storing any occasionally used items (great for keeping tools, electric or mechanical garden equipment rust-free). Supplied complete with mains transformer and holdall.