4m(13.3ft) Rc Blimps

The 4m is the Smallest RC Blimp For Outdoor that we have in production. It has extra lift weight 2.1 kgs !!! Our innovative two main motor design is allowing Up/down/forward/back. The back reverse motor is extra sensitive and respond instantly. This particular model is especially convenient for outdoor small area

Due to the size of width, helium volume (4.1 M3 or 5.5 M3) is allowing all kinds of additional equipment to be lifted. And  the design is more “Zeppelin” like.  The autonomy is more than an hour and with replacement battery you can fly all day.  Blimp is demanded by customers worldwide for Design and capacity that allows you to pick gyro-stabilized HD camera of different weights.

This model requires the logo or branding to be directly applied on the envelope with changeable elastic banner films. Nylon with TPU 2 layer envelope, Two main motors and 1 left/right back motor, all electronics, Japan Futaba rc system


  • VTOL –  Vertical Take Off and Landing Down
  • Ready to fly


  • Net weight: 2.8 kg for nylon, 3.4 kgs for PU and 5 kgs for PVC
  • Max Flight Speed(km/h): 20
  • Max Flight Height(m): 100
  • Control range(m): 500


  • Gondola: 700w
  • Voltage: 11.1V 3S
  • Blimp option: PVC, PU & Nylon
  • Blimp color: White,Black,Red and customized
  • Rc System: Futaba 2.4Ghz 6 Channels
  • Fins: Epp with Rudder

Weight & Packing:

  • Packed Weight: 30 kgs
  • Packed Size: 70 cmX47 cmX42 cm