6 moutdoor Rc Blimp is hot item for outdoor flying.It has many choose on blimp envelope PVC,TPU,Nylon with TPU and option in 1200w and 2500w rc gondola. It has  stronger brushless motors, more battery power, composite fins with ailerons, heavier electronic components. It can lift up to 2.4 kg and have our “rail system” where you can move the motor mount as well as the payload (camera rig) in the exact gravity center of the Blimp. All controls are double guaranteeing that durable and safety.

With the 6m outdoor RC Blimp you have a large airship able to lift different sensing equipment. The volume is 12.6 m3.Regardless to the end purpose -advertising, videography or scientific – this airship will behave as expected.  Custom variations are also possible on this model and size


  • Volume: 12.6 M3
  • Net Weight: 8 kgs
  • Max Flight Speed(km/h): 40 km/h
  • Max Flight Height(m): 100 m
  • Control range(m): 500 m


  • Gondola: 1200W Rc Gondola
  • Blimp option: PVC, PU, Nylon
  • Fins: Epp with Rudder
  • Rc System; Futaba 2.4 Ghz

Weight & Packing:

  • Packed Weight: 60 kg
  • Packed Dimension: 27cmX65cmX86cm / 78cmX48cmX50cm