What type of material do you use for "white” ?

Is it comparable to full white?  Or grid cloth

Maybe getting both top and bottom in clear?

Would it be possible to attach another separate diffusion of choice below this? 

For the type,  does "clear"  mean a diffusion material like this (see picture below)? or is that the white type? 

Is it possible to attach another cloth to the rigging points, will it hold the weight? 

Do you have  an optional black bottom?

Since we are ordering a clear top can you also make a solid velcro on top for us; so it can turn into a “2-stop” when needed?

The grommets, can we do them with 12”  between each grommet all around the balloon?

How much helium do the products need?

How many Liters of helium would it take to inflate a 20 x 20 feet balloon to be able to work with it as an overhead in exterior daylight

How long does that helium lift the balloon for before having to change / refill.

How long is the production and delivery time?

What is the warranty?